Lawrence County Cemeteries

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Antioch Cemetery On East Lincoln Road west of Carmel-New Hope Road. 312915N, 0901436W
Arm Cemetery On Arm Cemetery Road in the Arm Community. 313022N, 0900052W
Armstrong Cemetery (see Longino-Price-Neal Cemetery)
Bahalia Chapel Cemetery Off Malcolm Road north of the Tyrus Community. 314150N, 0901152W
Bennie Powell Cemetery Located on Topeka-Jayess Road south of Holmesville Road. 312415N, 0901118W
Benson Cemetery Hwy 43 south of New Hebron about 3/4 miles north of Grange Road. 314138N, 0895933W
Bethany MB Church Cemetery unknown
Bethel Cemetery FE Sellars Hwy south of Monticello. 313046N, 0900659W
Bethshan Memorial Park Highway 184 west of Monticello on north side of the highway. 313324N, 0900905W
Bozeman Cemetery On Divide Road west of Highway 587 S just north of Tilton. 312512N, 0900252W
Buckley - Thompson Historic Cemetery On Heddie Ben Road north of Crooked Creek Road just west of New Hebron. 314405N, 0900006W
Calvary Cemterey In Silver Creek, take Highway 43 S to Main Street go west 1/8 mile at Calvary Baptist Church. 313602N, 0900021W
Calvary Cemetery #2 Holmesville Road northeast of Rutland Road at Calvary Pentecostal Church. 312442N, 0901219W
Cameron Cemetery Old MS 27 S just southwest of MS Hwy 27 S. 313045N, 0900734W
Carmel Cemetery On Carmel-New Hope Road at Oliver Wilson Road. 313118N, 0900939W
China Lee unknown
Cliburn Cemetery Southwest of New Hebron, take Mill Road southwest to Cliburn Cemetery Road. 314226N, 0900140W
Collins Cemetery At home site of Nathaniel E. Collins on Bert Lambert Place near Jayess. 312250N, 0901102W
Crooked Creek Cemetery At Crooked Creek Baptist Church. 313951N, 0900320W
Dampeer Cemetery South of New Hebron on Hwy 43 just south of Chipman Road. 314303N, 0895907W
Divide Cemetery On Divide Road just east of Hwy 27 S. 312452N, 0900848W
Drummonds Cemetery South of New Hebron on V. Errington Lane off Hwy 43. 314250N, 0895902W
Fair Hill Cemetery Take Ducksworth Road west off Hwy 27 N, go to Bob Boone Road N abt 1/2 mile to un-named road to the right. 314142N, 0901035W
Faith Baptist Church Cemetery Located on the west side of Ferguson Mill Road just south of intersection with Smith Ferry Road. 313927N, 0900255W.
Forest Grove Cemetery   312822N, 0900920W
Fox-Arrington Historic Cemetery Hwy 27 N to Wanilla, go east on Smith Ferry Road to Old Hwy 27 N to Cemetery sign on left. 313920N, 0900743W
Friendship MBC Cemetery unknown
Giles - Loftin Cemetery unknown
Hepzibah Cemetery Take Hwy 43 southeast from Arm to Billy Davis Road SE, this will turn into Hepzibah Lane - continue 1/8 mile. 312853N, 0895759W
Hickman - Stephens Cemetery unknown
Jayess Cemetery (aka Roberts Memorial Cemetery) Turn south off Hwy 44 at Jayess crossroad and go about 1/4 mile. 312146N, 0901218W
Lambert Cemetery unknown
Longino-Price-Neal Cemetery Turn north on Hwy 43 at Silver Creek. Go .7 mile. Turn left & go to dead end (about .1 mile). Continue walking .3 mi. On a knoll straight ahead. Well kept. 313642N, 0900011W.
Masonic Cemetery   313250N, 0900612W
Monticello Cemetery FE Sellars Hwy S in Monticello. 313253N, 0900631W
Monticello Methodist Cemetery Hwy 587 a few blocks south of Broad Street in Monticello. 313254N, 0900614W
Monticello Pentacostal Cemetery unknown
Morris Cemetery Just north of New Hebron on Hwy 43. 314449N, 0895837W
Mount Zion MBC Cemetery Sontag area.
Neal Cemetery Hwy 27 S just south of Reid Circle. 312248N, 0900811W
New Hebron Cemetery Hwy 42 in New Hebron next to New Hebron School. 314400N, 0895903W
New Hope Cemetery On Carmel - New Hope Rd just NE of Edna Davis Lane behind New Hope Church. 312916N, 0901036W
New Jerusalem Oakvale area.
New Zion Cemetery Aboutt 5 mile west of Monticello just north of hwy 84 on New Zion Road.
Newsome-Bush Cemetery About 2 miles south of New Hebron on Hwy 43 100 yards east of Hwy. 314318N, 0895854W
North Pleasant Hill Cemetery On North Pleasant Hill Road between Cato Lane and Young Lane. 314410N, 0900329W
North Pleasant Hill Cemetery #2 (see Old North Pleasant Hill Cemetery)
Oak Grove Pentacostal Cemetery unknown
Old North Pleasant Hill Cemetery From New Hebron take Crooked Creek Road west to N. Pleasent Hill Road north to Young Lane S about 3/4 mile. 314340N, 0900255W
Old Silver Creek Cemetery South of Silver Creek. 313336N, 0900037W
Pearl Harbor unknown
Pearl River Valley unknown
Pine Grove MBC Cemetery Sontag area.
Pleasant Valley Cemetery In the Oma area.
Powell's Grove Cemetery Powell's Grove Road at Powell Road. 312311N, 0901151W
Providence Cemetery On Mallalieu Drive SE just west of Holmesville Road. 312311N, 0901408W
Riley Cemetery   314456N, 0895855W
Roberts Memorial Cemetery see Jayess Cemetery .
Rocky Branch MBC Cemetery unknown
Rutland Cemetery unknown
Saint James Cemetery In the Oma area.
Salem Cemetery Located on Price Road near Rials Road. 312217N, 0900553W
Sauls Cemetery On Tilton Road in the Tilton community. 312450N, 0900120W
Sauls Valley Cemetery Take Tilton Road southwest from Hwy 587 S, on Givens Road at Price Road. 312222N, 0900343W
Scarborough Cemetery From Hwy 43 north of Silver Creek take E Smith Ferry Road west to about 1/4 mile west of Fanny McGuffee Road. 313956N, 0900218W
Seed Sowers Cemetery Highway 184 west of Monticello on south side of the highway behind Seed Sowers church. 313321N, 0900902W
Sharp - Kirby Cemetery Located at the intersection of 4th Street and Holmes Street in downtown Silver Creek. South of Holmes St. and west of 4th St.
Shiloh Cemetery On Sontag-Nola Road at Ruby Lea Road in Sontag Community. 313812N, 0901253W
Shows Cemetery North of New Hebron on Hwy 42 for about 2 miles. On the right, about 1.5 miles from the road.
Sills Cemetery From Hwy 43 north of Silver Creek take E Grange Road east to 1/8 mile east of Lazy S Road. 314053N, 0895838W
Silver Creek Methodist Cemetery Hwy 43 S in Silver Creek just southwest of Fourth Street. 313608N, 0900008W
Smith Cemetery (see Newsom/Bush Cemetery)
Starling Spurlock Cemetery A single historic gravesite located on E. Smith Ferry Road about 1/4 mile west of Fanny McGuffee Road. 313959N, 0900209W.
Stephens Cemetery Take Hwy 43 north of Silver Creek to DE Stephens Road west to Stephens Cemetery Road north about 1/8 mile. 313910N, 0900130W.
Stephens-Waldrop Cemetery On Carmel - New Hope Road near James Cox Road just east of "the dipping vat curve" . On north side of road just into the woods at "curve ahead" sign. 313147N, 0900905W.
Stringer Cemetery From New Hebron take Crooked Creek Road southwest to Ray Cliburn Road. 314155N, 0900247W.
Tilton Cemetery Take Hwy 27 S from Monticello to just south of Hwy 44. Turn left on Tom Sistrunk Road and go to Robbins Road. Cemetery is on Robbins Road between Tom Carney Road and Divide Road. 312453N, 0900732W.
Thompson/Buckley Cemetery Off Grange Road to Lasy S Road near county Line. 314124N, 0895840W.
Tomlinson Cemetery In the Oakvale area.
Topeka Baptist Cemetery China Grove Road just east of Holmesville Road. 312458N, 0901124W
Topeka Methodist Cemetery unknown
Wanilla Baptist Cemetery From Hwy 27 in Wanilla take Smith Ferry Road east and cross railroad tracks. On the left. 313835N, 0900742W
Wanilla Cemetery (see Fox-Arrington Cemetery)
Wilson Cemetery Hwy 27 N to NA Sandifer Road east to Shriner Lane N. 313659N, 0900616W