Wilson Cemetery

(submitted by & photos by Faye Sherwood

Highway 27 N to N.A. Sandifer Road east to Shriner Lane North. 313659N, 0900616W.

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Wilson, Alice Udora 16 Oct 1875 - 07 Dec 1875 "Daughter of Jesse & Viola Wilson"
Wilson, Elizabeth died 28 Nov 1900 Tombstone with George W. Wilson. "Aged 80 Yrs, 11 Mos, & 8 Days" "Wife of Geo. W. Wilson"
Wilson, George W. died 23 Aug 1871 Tombstone with Elizabeth Wilson. "Aged 56 Yrs"
There are two slabs with no markers. One is small like for a baby, and the other one larger, like for an adult. It is believed the larger slab is that of Nell Wilson, who died in Calif. She was the daughter of George Washington Wilson Jr. (born about 1856). In records found at the library, there are others buried there, but no longer have markers, if they ever did.
The following markers are also in this cemetery. It is believed they are pet graves.
Sunshine "My Friend"